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Northampton based DOSTIYO is an Asian Women and Girls Organisation is a charity serving the Asian community.

Support women who are going through issues such as domestic abuse, loneliness, psychological issues or even employment-related problems.

Support Service | Dostiyo Asian Women and Girls Organisation | Northampton

Tel: 01604 816080/07572 896361


Northants Diversity

Northants Diversity is a charity organisation focusing on the disadvantages of BAME in the Northampton community.

Online sessions with black ethnic minority children and adults who have been affected directly or indirectly by the pandemic.

Northants Diversity - Connecting Communities


African Family Support Foundation

Providing empowerment and support to African families.

Supporting parents, whose children have/are at risk of being excluded, training with families on effective parenting strategies and family mediation for African families.



Black Minds Matter UK

Black Minds Matter UK is a fully registered charity operating in the UK; connecting Black individuals and families with free mental health services – by professional Black Therapists to support their mental health.

FAQs (


The Helpline

The Helpline is a confidential and anonymous helpline supporting individuals from the Jewish Community facing challenges.

Home - The HelpLine


Their mission is the bridge the gap and improve communication between the UK mainstream and BAME communities.

Provide domestic abuse support. Advocate for equality, diversity and justice. Promote overall health and mental health support programmes.

BAME Hub-UK Network - A Community For all Ethnic Minorites in The UK. (


Tell Mama UK

Tell MAMA is an independent and confidential support service for those who face anti-Muslim hatred and prejudice across the UK.

Report in Anti-Muslim Hate or Islamophobia (


Asian Women’s Resource Centre

AWRC offers support to women and children who have been affected by domestic abuse, forced marriages, honour based and faith based abuse.

AWRC | Women's services Brent | Welfare advice Brent | Women's services Brent (


Women for Refugee Women

Women for Refugee Women support women who are seeking refuge from persecution, including rape and other torture, to rebuild their lives and communicate their own needs and stories.

Women for Refugee Women : Empowering Refugee Women

Chinese Information and Advice Centre

Free information, advice and support to disadvantaged Chinese people living in the UK

Chinese Information and Advice Centre — free information, advice and support to disadvantaged Chinese people living in the United Kingdom (


Africa Advocacy Foundation

The Africa Advocacy Foundation works to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing through accurate information, advice and guidance.

Migrant Communities in UK and Europe | Africa Advocacy Foundation | England (


Muslim Community Helpline

The Muslim Community Helpline is a confidential, non-judgemental listening and emotional support service.

National organisation for women, men, youth and children. Contact times and numbers on website.

Muslim Community Helpline – Confidential, non-judgemental listening & emotional support service

Northamptonshire Sport

Northamptonshire Sport is Northampton’s leading physical activity, health and wellbeing charity.

Our programmes focus on creating opportunities for people who are facing barriers to leading a more active lifestyle. The programmes we deliver have a particular focus on helping those who are inactive, living with health conditions, disabilities, frailty and facing disadvantages in society.

Home - Northamptonshire Sport

Telephone 01604 389 976, email

Aanchal Women’s Aid

We have nearly 40 years of experience in supporting women affected by domestic abuse. Whatever your background, language or cultural experience we understand the impact it has on people, whether it is emotional, physical, situational, financial.

Our helpline staff is able to help you in a number of languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali.

We provide advice and information to women affected by domestic abuse on benefits and welfare rights, immigration issues (including no recourse to legal funds and the rights of non-British citizens), children’s and young people’s issues, legal support, housing and financial support.

Support Line 0800 0124 924 open Monday – Friday 9am to 10pm. Email 

Home - Aanchal

Zimwomen Association

Zimwomen Association is a voluntary organisation based in Northampton. 

Zimwomen provide specialist support for women in the African community- family support, health and wellbeing, and life skills training.

Zimwomen's Association - Home (

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