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"Volunteering at Renew 169 Wellbeing Café has provided me with purpose and enabled me to meet local people who I would not have otherwise encountered. The café has a friendly, non-judgemental environment and I enjoy the variety of activities which are organised as they offer a form of escapism."


If you would like to donate to renew169, please head over to our JustGiving page to see further details. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.


Your role would be to make contact with an isolated person/people. This is a short-term telephone befriending service to meet the needs of those that are not able to currently attend the cafe and who may need to remain in isolation for some time.


The aim is to offer a longer social phone call once a week. This would include existing cafe users and new people whose mental health has been affected by COVID-19.  


We need volunteer ‘Hosts’ who are willing to help in the café on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The role involves making tea and coffee, chatting to people and where required supporting with activities. Or do you fancy a more 'hands on' approach?  If so, we are starting an outreach at Bell Planation in order to do woodwork, gardening etc, so let us know if this is more your thing!


Do you have a skill that you are willing to share? We need activity ‘Hosts’ who are willing to share their expertise as part of the 5 ways to wellbeing. This can be on a regular or ad-hoc basis and include anything from teaching arts and crafts to hosting a quiz or teaching a language or sharing your musical talent!

Please contact us to find out more about ways that you can support us and help your local community.


"A lovely place to spend some time. Very welcoming but not overwhelming. I felt better when I left than I did when I walked in. Thank you for being there."

"The café was a place where I could take my blind and hard of hearing mother and people would make the effort to talk to her, giving me a little time off in a social space. This inspired me to volunteer as I understand the emotional toll of being a carer, and feel a sympathy with others struggling with their mental health. For me the café is a safe community space where I feel a sense of belonging and I can relax in a supportive group. All backed by the transformative power of prayer."

"A very welcoming group of people in a warm and friendly environment. Activities to do, people to talk to (or not depending on how you feel) and a very safe space. An absolutely wonderful thing to have access to."


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