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We are open for coffee and activities.
All are welcome

Outdoor Snack

We are seeking people to do activities in the cafe on a monday, tuesday and wednesday - this can be virtual or in person.  Ifyou have a skill or activity you'd like to share, please let us know.  


"The café was a place where I could take my blind and hard of hearing mother and people would make the effort to talk to her, giving me a little time off in a social space. This inspired me to volunteer as I understand the emotional toll of being a carer, and feel a sympathy with others struggling with their mental health. For me the café is a safe community space where I feel a sense of belonging and I can relax in a supportive group. All backed by the transformative power of prayer."

"A very welcoming group of people in a warm and friendly environment. Activities to do, people to talk to (or not depending on how you feel) and a very safe space. An absolutely wonderful thing to have access to."

"A lovely place to spend some time. Very welcoming but not overwhelming. I felt better when I left than I did when I walked in. Thank you for being there."

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