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Northamptonshire Healthcare

Free online Talking Therapies workshop on how to help manage the symptoms of the menopause.

Join webinars on how to manage menopause | Latest updates | NHFT

NHS Help and Support

NHS Advice and Support 

Menopause - Help and support - NHS (


Women’s Health Concern (WHC)

WHC provides a confidential, independent service to advise, inform and reassure women about their gynaecological, sexual and post reproductive health.

Women's Health Concern | Confidential Advice, Reassurance and Education (


Menopause Matters is an award winning, independent website providing up to date, accurate information about the menopause, menopausal symptoms and treatment options.

Menopause Matters, menopausal symptoms, remedies, advice


Daisy Network

Daisy Network is a charity for women with premature menopause.

Support for women, along with their families and partners, who have been diagnosed with Premature Menopause.

Charity for Women with POI | The Daisy Network



Website providing resources for people who identify at LGBT+

Menopause resources for LGBTQIA+ people — Queer / LGBTQIA+ Menopause (


Menopause and Me

Menopause and Me is a website dedicated to supporting women throughout the menopause journey.

Symptoms checklist, coffee catch up videos, podcasts and other resources.

Menopause and Me|Official Website


Menopause Support

Menopause Support is a not for profit community interest company who offer lots of free resources. They also offer private support via the telephone and video consultations. – Supporting You Through Change


The Menopause Charity

The Menopause Charity works to help everyone understand perimenopause and menopause. 

They provide inclusive fact-based information, advice and support.

The Menopause Charity - Menopause Facts, Advice and Support

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